Aiden does things his own way, on his own schedule. Sometimes we push him and other times we must acquiesce, for example, we didn’t make him sleep in his crib after he learned how to climb out at ten months old – yes, we had the crib lowered as far as it could go. When it came to potty training, we tried just about everything. We read stories, watched videos, setup a reward system. Nada. No interest. You know a kid is ready for potty training when he tells you he has to poop, hides under the table, does his business, and then brings you a clean diaper and the wipes.


With all known solutions for potty training spent, it was time for the nuclear option. The weekend before Aiden’s 3rd birthday we stopped using diapers. In the first 24 hours we went through about 24 pairs of underwear. By the end of the first day, he was doing his best to get to the toilet only to miss – by a few seconds, or the toilet entirely. The first number two was a mess (that pair of underwear was donated to the researchers at Tide), but he wised up for the second. He ran upstairs towards the bathroom while struggling to slide off his pants. The proud papa gave him some time to do his business, and then I walked upstairs and asked if he got his underwear off in time. Aiden responded, “Yes,” so I went into the bathroom to check his deposit. Nothing. Confused, I walked back to where he was standing and I saw his success, sitting on the carpet. Emotionally split between discipline and pride, I gave him a high five, and (with gloves) showed Aiden where it should go. That was his last ‘miss’ and by Sunday night, diapers were a thing of the past.